Becoming an author, or should I say, a published author is quite a process.  I had some story ideas come to me one night and quickly got up and scribbled them out.  I was positive this was it.  I was going to be a success.  I was going to be the author all publishers had been looking for.  Well…think again.  It has not been that easy.

As I continue to send in manuscripts to publishers and attend writer’s conferences and utilize the tools provided from critique groups, I have decided to self-publish my first children’s book call “Filthy Frannie”.

Even this process has been quite a process.  After finding an amazing illustrator I, again, thought I was ready to go.  But I found I had to have a printer which then involved a designer to layout the book with the requirements necessary to be ready for print.  I am in the middle of this process right now.  It is an anxious and exciting time.  Exciting to see it all come together but the process takes the “rose colored glasses” off.  I sometimes fear that what I am doing is ridiculous or that I will be an instant failure.  I also have found that, at this point, I don’t really love the book anymore.  Mostly because for me anytime it takes effort and consistancy I usually give up and find something new to be passionate about.

However, I love Frannie so I continue to move forward in an effort to see her come to press.  Not for the fame but to leave something of myself behind for my family.  If I never do anything but give these books as gifts to my grandchildren, nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews I will feel successful at this point.

One of the biggest steps and, I would declare, the most important first step in this process is to find a circle of support because you will need it.  My friends and family continue to cheer me forward.  My critique group continue to give me feedback and are not afraid to say…not quite good enough, redo it.  When this first happened, I was so attached to what I had written I thought everyone was crazy but just as the story goes…if three or more people tell you you have a wart on your nose you better take a look…I decided when two or more people had the same feedback I would look at what they said and see if changes could or should be made.  It is still my work, though, so I made the final call.  I have that luxury still, right now, because I have no publisher or editor but myself.  I hope to have a publisher someday but until I will keep you informed of the process and my successes.  Fingers crossed!

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