Passion or Hobby

I like to think I am passionate about most things.  After all isn’t that what we try to teach people, or for me, my children?  Do something you love or are passionate about and you will have success and be happy in life.  What I wonder is, “Am I passionate about writing?”  I feel like I am an idea girl.  I have great ideas and burst of energy to get it started so I have learned to surround myself with people that follow through or at least make me follow through.

This is how I feel about my books.  I get great bursts of ideas and can write the whole children’s book in one sitting.  Than it is time for the details…revisions, editing, illustrations and working with the team that it takes for me to self-publish.   That is where, so far, I have lacked passion. Follow through.  That is when I begin to wonder…is this a passion or just a hobby that is an outlet for my creativity while I raise children?

I have decided I am passionate about the words I want to get out there.  I am in a learning process to be passionate about details and follow through.  A couple of things I have learned since starting this adventure.

1.  Take each thing I am doing one step at a time.  I have to see the big picture to stay passionate but break it down to accomplish what needs to be done to publish and market these books.

2.  Do something.  I have to work on something everyday to be able to accomplish what needs to be done to publish and market these books.

3.  Finally, set aside time.  This is the biggie for me.  I have to make it a priority everyday which, for me, means setting aside specific times to work to accomplish what needs to be done to publish and market these books.

So, I am passionate…and because I am, I have changed myself and become more organized and focused.  I have published and sold one book and I am working on my second one.  I have submitted poems to magazines and written the start of a novel.  I am seeing my dreams of being an artist come to fruition…not in the way I expected but in a way which brings me great joy!  And, my passion lets me enjoy, and sometimes include, my favorite hobby of travel as I market the books and read at libraries.  I get to bring my family and see this great country, for which I also have a great passion.   I get to include my children and be inspired by them and share their lessons in the messages of the books.

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One thought on “Passion or Hobby

  1. Hey Cara…you are fortunate to know you have a passion! I continue to look for mine! Actually the thing I have been most passionate about in my life was/is motherhood, and although that continues to be important to me, obviously, I’m not experiencing that in a hands-on way now. So, I’m looking for what I can truly call a “passion” at this stage. Not as easy as you would think!

    Congratulations on beginning your second book!

    ~ Sheila


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